The following is a list of courses I teach (or have taught) at UNR:

CH 201: Ancient and Medieval Cultures
HIST 105: European Civilization to 1648
HIST 106: European Civilization since 1648 [taught through Davidson THINK]
HIST 208: Introduction to World History*
HIST 289: Introduction to the History of the Middle East
HIST 372: Ancient Civilizations II: Roman History
HIST 373: Medieval Civilizations
HIST 374: History of the Byzantine Empire
HIST 454/654: Topics in Medieval History [three different courses: A “Conflict and Contact in the Medieval Mediterranean”; B “Ravenna between East and West, North and South (400-1200)”; C “Monks and Monasticism”]
HIST 456/656: Topics in Ancient History [“Elites in the Late Roman Empire/Late Antiquity”
HIST 491B: Women in Medieval Civilization*
HSIT 498/698: Advanced Historical Studies [[1-credit seminars: “Slavery in the Roman World”, “Holy Wars: Medieval Perspectives on the Crusades”]
HIST 710: Seminar in Medieval History [“Medieval Historiography”]